Prodeco Outlaw V 3.5 Outlaw SS – NEW Release Review 2020

Who wouldn’t want a thrilling off-road experience on a bike that is especially designed for aggressive riders?

The thrill of it all goes one step ahead when the bike in question is labeled an Outlaw by the manufacturers themselves!

However, while you could race up and down hills and through forested areas seeking adventure, there is no compromise in terms of comfort.

Prodeco Tech Outlaw SS is a bike specifically built for riders who want to experience off-road cycling with a thrust of additional speed. If you are itching to know more about this bike, miss this review at your own cost!

Have you been looking for a fast and powerful e-bike that adds spark to your riding experiences?

Touted to be one of the first muscle e-bikes in the market, the Prodeco Outlaw [FREE manual download] is one of a kind, in the truest sense of the term. The bike is bound to fascinate you with its external appearance and then hold your interest with the incredible features it has to offer.

However, what attracts buyers the most is the fact that this is a USA-assembled e-bike available at an unbelievably affordable price. This is just the beginning of what it is and what it could do and to know more, simply keep reading this review!

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What are the best features of Prodeco Outlaw V 3.5 Outlaw SS bike?

The Prodeco Outlaw SS is a huge bike. It is big in terms of everything; speed, power, size and attitude. Now how would a bike have an attitude? Well, to be honest, it emits a vibe that is hard to miss. Sporting a striking candy orange color and a rigid frame with leather grips and leather saddle, this is not your regular electric bike.

What more is it capable of flaunting?

  • Powerful and heavy-duty

Talk about going uphill without panting for breath and there you have it! A 750 Watt rear hub motor, it can go up to 1200+ watt at its peak. The Prodeco Outlaw 1200 carries a top speed of 28 mph which is all the more fun when you go hiking on dirt trails. Your efforts are cut down to half in comparison to traditional e-bikes that require a lot of muscle strength on your behalf.

  • Range

On an average, this e-bike can travel 15.6 miles and do an elevation gain/loss of approximately 1300 feet. An average user weighing 190 lbs pedaling lightly can easily get this range from the bike. Considering the fact that it is powered by a 51.2 Volt 9 ah batteries pack and a 750 Watt motor, this is a pretty good range.

While looking at the range, you should keep in mind that when numbers vary, so will the results. If you can pedal faster and weigh lesser and avoid using the bike on hilly terrains, you are bound to get a better range.

  • Speed

You can make the Prodeco Outlaw travel at a speed of 28 mph on throttle itself. On steeper hills, it will need your pedaling assistance to some extent. However, on moderate hilly areas you can pedal lightly or simply turn the throttle and soak in the view around as the bike takes you uphill.

  • Weight

The bike weighs around 62 lbs. Both the rear hub motor and the battery pack are mounted on the rear rack that makes the bike back heavy. You could feel some amount of instability while riding it at lower speeds or walking it up stairs.

  • Wide Tires

There is no denying the fact that this e-bike is specifically designed for cruising. What with the 2.4” wide tires that come along with a suspension fork, this e-bike will soak in bumps and other minor obstacles on the way up or down a hill.

  • Off-road bike

Owing to the fact that it can go up to 28 mph on throttle alone, it falls under the category of off-road only electric bike. Classified by Prodeco Tech to be used legally for off-roading experiences only, it is not a typical electric bike to be used on the streets. Its build, tires, power and performance are all highly recommended for dirt trails and motorcycle trails.

If the rider can keep the speed limited to 20 mph or below, this could be used on streets. However, the temptation to speed up is always a threat to pedestrians and other cyclists who are not used to bicycles as fast as this one.

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What Could Have Been Better In The Bike?

While this bike will perfectly serve the adventure-seeker in you, there are a few features that could have been better. Listed below are the ones that users don’t seem to like much:

  • Rear back Battery

For an off road bike like the Prodeco Outlaw; the battery should have been placed low and also in the center. It enhances the overall stability of the bike. However, in this one, the battery is placed far and high on the lower rack that could upset the overall balance of the bike. This is all the more dangerous because of the higher speed limits offered by the Outlaw SS.

  • Stiff Suspension Fork

It does not help matters that the suspension fork is pretty stiff and not easy to activate. A person with an average weight will find the lowest fork suspension adjustment quite difficult to achieve.

  • Noisy Motor

If you noise sensitive, you might find the motor noise a little annoying. It is not very loud but not absolutely quiet either.

How Is The Prodeco Outlaw Better Than Its Competitors?

There are a number of reasons why new and existing users are opting for the Prodeco Outlaw instead of its competitors. Find your reason below:

  • When you head out to buy Prodeco Outlaw, the price is the first thing that will amaze you. For a versatile mountain bike such as this one, it is one affordable travel companion.
  • A traditional electric bike will help you ride up the hills but you will be panting by the end of it. The Prodeco Tech Outlaw SS has a speed of 28 mph at a peak power of 1200 Watts that will drive you up a moderate hilly terrain with absolute ease.
  • An electric bike does not necessarily have efficient disc brakes. This one has hydraulic disc brakes to prevent you from over-speeding. This is a huge benefit for bikes that have higher speed limits and a more powerful motor.
  • More durable than your regular electric bike because there are no gears inside. All the components inside are magnetic units.
  • The bike is way quieter than a traditional electric bike even when it is cruising at top speed.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, if you are looking for a bike that ranks well in terms of speed, power and appearance and also comes cheap, Prodeco Outlaw SS is probably your best bet. This product is best suited for riders who are looking for a laidback off-road cruiser with a solid and durable frame.

The battery location and fork springs could definitely be improved but overall the bike ranks pretty well in terms of durability and reliability.

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