Best Electric Mountain Bike | ANCHEER Power Plus Review 2020

Last Updated on January 14th, 2020

Cycling is not just for the kids or for those who want to run errands at low cost.

It is an effective solution for enjoyable workouts too. While it is a good option for an effective workout, your bike can be used for more than that.

When you need to use it on a rough terrain or for long distances, pedaling all the way is not an option all the time.

But when your bike is fitted with a motor? Its an interesting proposition that is changing the landscapes for biking enthusiasts.

It will definitely not be as powerful as a motor bike but a motorized bicycle is definitely a good option for those who just can’t do with a regular bicycle.

If you are scouting the market for a good electric mountain bike to buy at a pocket friendly cost, the Ancheer power plus mountain bike is what you must consider among the numerous options that are available in the market.

Apart from being just another cheap electric mountain bike, it is considered to be one of the best electric bike for hills. Here is a detailed Ancheer power plus electric mountain bike review, to help you know more about it.

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ANCHEER Electric Bike Review | Best Features:

This electric mountain bike has a sea of features which makes it very difficult to pass it up while looking for the best electric mountain bike

Lithium Battery – This mountain bike is versatile as it can be used with the battery and even without. When you don’t want the battery to support your riding, just remove it. The bike uses a removable lithium battery that is 36V.

Charge Port – The lithium ion battery has an easy to charge port system which makes it very convenient to recharge the battery as and when you want. The charger is also small and compact, hence does not require you to carry anything much, when you are on the move.

Brakes – Both the front and rear brakes are disk brakes. This offers a safer and sturdier ride for rough or uneven terrains.

Strong Body – The fork is made of carbon steel and the handle bar is made from aluminum alloy. This makes the bike light weight yet very sturdy. These metals can take heavy weights as well as rough terrain, thus making this an apt mountain bike.

LED Lights – The bike has tasteful retro style LED lights that not only adds to the appearance of the bike, but also your safety. It is easy to miss a biker when it is dark. The lights ensure the biker is not missed even in low light conditions.

Negative Points

This amazing mountain bike is not without its share of negatives. Some of the disappointing features of this bike are:

Charging Time – The time taken to recharge the battery is on the higher side. You need a good 4-6 hours to get the battery fully charged. Unless you are riding a short distance and are getting back home, and plan to use it only after a break of few hours, this bike cannot be used much on battery.

Speed – Despite having a battery to help you speed up, you can go only up to 25-35km/h. compared to other electric bikes in the market this is on the lower side.

No Clasp – The bike does not have any safety clasps to hold it in position when folded. Though the bike may not open up easily, the lack of a clasp is a concern when the bike is being transported or carried around.

Needs Tuning –

When shipped, the bike’s front wheel faces backwards. Though this saves a lot of space in shipping, it requires extra work. You will have to take it to a local store and get it tunes before you can use it.

Insufficient Instructions – The instruction manual that comes with the bike is not sufficient. One will need extra help and inputs from experienced sources, to put this bike together properly.

Battery Life – The life of the battery seems to be short. It may not last as guaranteed. Meaning you may have to recharge it more frequently.

Takes Time – The bike though easy to use, requires a little time to get used to. There are no clear indicators, hence will take time for you to figure out how everything works. One cannot enjoy the bike to the fullest until sometime is on it.

Advantages Over Competition

Here are some of the reasons why this is the best electric mountain bike in the market:

Lasting Battery – The battery once fully charged, can give you a ride up to 60kms before it requires another charge. The battery range varies form 35 – 60kms, based on the terrain you ride it on and the weight it has to carry.

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Ergonomics – The designing of the bike has a lot of thought put into it. It is designed for the comfort of the rider. The adjustable RST and seat, ensures you have a comfortable ride, no matter who in the family wants to use the bike.

Modes –

The dual mode of the bike enables it to be used like a regular bike too. If you want to take your bike out for a regular bicycle ride, you don’t need any extra equipment or make any adjustments. Just unclip the battery and you are good to go.

Foldable – When you are not using the bike and want to store it at home, or want to carry it around, it can be folded up. This helps in saving a lot of space in your garage and also in the vehicle you are traveling in. now you don’t have to worry about bringing the bike back with you, just because you ran into a friend and want to hitch a ride in their car.

Horn – The bike has a nice sounding effective electronic horn. Now you won’t be ignored on the road when the traffic is thick.

Easy Assembly – Though there are not sufficient instructions in the manual, outing this bike together is not hard. It does not require an expert or more pairs of hands to get the work done. The assembly is simple and straight forward for those who know about bikes.


There are a number of electric bikes in the market, thanks to the invention of small motors and environment friendly ideas. These bikes are a big boon for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on fuel just because they commute frequently. It is not just the fuel but parking gets easier too.

This electric mountain bike from Ancheer is very pocket friendly and if you find an electric mountain bike discount, be sure to not let it pass. This bike will be well within your budget and help you save a lot more on the long run.

When you can use a bike both ways, on battery and manually, it is the perfect buy. Use it on battery on hills and when you are not in the mood to ride. Use it without the battery for a good workout and a refreshed feeling. Overall, this is a bike one must thoroughly enjoy. Overall, this is a bike one must thoroughly enjoy.

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