The Best Electric Bike Kit | High Efficiency and Drive More 2020

There are so many electric bike kits available in the market. It is important that you assess the one that offers the best deal for your money.

If you were to search for best electric bike kit, you get hordes of data. A top ebike kit is one that is compatible with most types of bikes. It should include all items which will ensure that you can convert your regular bike into an electric bike.

Here we have done an extensive electric bike kit review for three top ebike kits. These are definitely the best electric bike kits available. They may however, not be cheap electric bike kits.

We have used a few major parameters such as Speed, ease of use, power etc. to give a snapshot comparison of the features that you need to look for before buying an electric bike kit.

Best kits for eBikes:

This is a tabular representation to find the  best electric bike kit in the market –

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AW Front Wheel Kit (36V)

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The kit includes all the items require for setting up your ebike. The motor is powerful and offers great speed. The frame is sturdy and durable. There is a motorised wheel, motor controller and thumb throttle. The installation is quite easy. The auto brake shuts off when not required. This saves lot of energy. Below are the pros and cons of this product –

Pros –

  • Powerful motor – The 250 W motor is quite powerful and allows the bike to move at desired speed in a short span of time.
  • Easy installation – There is a manual and video provided which assists in the installation process.
  • Auto brake for energy efficient – The automatic brake ensures that it switches off the motor when idle. This ensures better energy efficiency.
  • LED light is of superior quality – the LED light is of great quality and provides visibility even during night.
  • Reasonably priced – it is priced very reasonably and hence affordable for the young generation.

Cons –

  • Customer service is poor – The technical service provided is limited and inefficient.
  • Batteries and charger are sold separately – You need to buy these separately to enjoy the ebike with holistic features.
  • Battery case is flimsy – The battery weight is not borne appropriately with the battery case that is provided.


The electric bike kit is of best quality, the 250W motor is quite powerful and it packs a punch even for a normal ride. There are some great features such as automatic brake which makes it an energy efficient bike. It is best suited for someone who will enjoy riding a bike on a regular basis. It is a no fuss bike, there are no complex aspects / features in this bike. This is among the cheap electric bike kits you can find ever.

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Electric Bike Kit / Electric Tricycle Kit Clean Republic Hill Topper

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This is a complete kit in itself. All you need is a wrench in addition to the items given as part of the kit. The bike is weather proof, hence can be used during rainy weathers as well . It is compatible with almost 95% of the regular bikes available in the market. Below are the pros and cons of the ebike –

Pros –

  • Complete kit – Everything is available in this kit. You need only a wrench in addition to the items provided
  • Superior quality – The metal frame and quality of products is of great quality
  • 3 different batteries and 3 different wheels for varied speed controls – Based on your terrain, you can choose the one that is appropriately. Each of these are priced differently
  • Easy installation – quick to install, properly aided by a manual which provides adequate information
  • Weather proof – Provides protection against rain and mud. Cleaning can be done easily

Cons –

  • Lower maximum load – Maximum 170 lb whereas most other bikes can manage load upto 250 lbs
  • Battery is quite heavy
  • Expensive – it is quite expensive compared to the rest of the ebike kits
  • No alarm to suggest battery drain


The ebike kit is complete enough to convert your regular bike to ebike. It offers 3 different wheel options for different terrains making your ride a pleasurable experience irrespective of where you ride it. It is great for riding on hilltops and mountain routes. The weather proof mechanism helps you ride in all four seasons thereby making it the best electric bike even for extreme weather conditions. It is best suited for a person who aspires to be a serious mountain biker and one who passionately cycles irrespective of seasons.

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AW Front Wheel Speed Control Conversion Kit (1000 W)

The dual mode controller controls motors under hall and non-hall effect. This extends the life of the electric kit fitted with the bike. The unique PAS (Pedal assistance system) ensures there are no feet and ankle injuries. Here are the pros and cons –

Pros –

  • Easy installation – The manual provides enough assistance for installation
  • PAS to enable long distance rides without injuries
  • Dual mode to control motor for energy efficiency

Cons –


This electric bike kit is one of the kits with additional features such as the PAS and dual mode. These features are unique and offer a different and better bike riding experience compared to its competitors.

Also, they do not cause ankle and feet injury even on long rides. So, you can simply see that this bike is best suited for those who are on the lookout for using electric bikes to go for long bike rides.

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