Best Stealth Bomber Bike Price – 2020 Review

Last Updated on January 14th, 2020

One has to travel for anything and everything.

  • Be it to get the basic necessities for the house or just to go on a peaceful walk where there is some fresh air. You need to travel to another place; nothing is at the end of the street anymore. With traveling comes traffic and pollution.
  • If you hate driving through thick traffic and don’t want to contribute to the growing pollution, you have a number of Eco friendly options.
  • Bicycles are a fun option when it comes to saving nature and a little bit of your money too. Imagine all the money you can save on fuel, maintenance and parking.
  • Though you like cycling, you may wonder how it could be a viable option when you have to go long distances or on uneven terrain. Yes, you can cycle the distance but not without any effort and some sweat, not everyone would want to endure that on a regular basis.
  • It is for this reason that you have the battery powered bicycles. These bicycles come with a built in motor that has rechargeable batteries. What can be more fun than putting together your own bike? You cannot find a pocket friendly bicycle like this cheap stealth bomber bike.

When there are many options available in the market, you require a detailed stealth bomber bike review to help you make an informed decision. Here are all the details you may require to know more about this great bike.

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Best Features of Stealth Bomber Bike:

This battery powered bicycle has quite a few features that make it a very tempting and worthy purchase.

DIY – The best feature of this package is, it is DIY. For those who like to put together your bike with your own two hands, this is the perfect option. All the necessary parts are provided to you in a neat package. All you have to do is, follow the instructions and put it together yourself.

Power – The motor that comes with this bike has a power of 3000W. This will enable the bike to travel at a speed much higher than your regular cycling, thus saving you a lot of time.

Battery – This stealth bomber bike has two battery options. These batteries are of higher quality and hence last longer than the regular Li-on batteries. These batteries are optional, meaning you can but the entire kit without the battery too.

Assistance – Apart from the regular manual that comes with every product, this bike has a video. The video shows you how to assemble the electric bike all by yourself.

Suspension – The bike has good quality suspension at the rear. These shock absorbers are very important as they enable you to have a smooth ride.

Brake – The bike uses a disk brake – hydraulic brake system.

Comfortable –

The seat of the bike is big and ergonomically designed to give you the best comfort possible. When the seat is comfortable and designed ergonomically, one can ride it for a long period of time too.

Dimensions – The bike frame measures 155mm. The front wheel is equipped with a well sized tire and measures 26 x 3 inches.

Speed – This electronic bike can reach a maximum speed of 70km/h for the bigger battery (72V3000W) and 50km/h for the smaller battery (48V3000W).

Suspension – The bike has suspension both in the front and the back. While the front suspension is built into the fork, the rear suspension has shocks. This offers a very smooth and comfortable ride, despite an uneven terrain.

Torque – This electric bike can offer a high toque of 155 NM (Newton Meters)

LED Lights – The bike has LED lights both in the front and the back. This ensures you are not missed in the dark. This makes it safer for the rider even during low light conditions.

Negative Points

This stealth bomber has a few negatives on its side too. They are:

Single Gear – The bike has just a single gear. While this is enough on flat surfaces, it becomes tricky to scale slopes. When you are on a slope and were to stall due to some reason, it will be very difficult to progress. You may need to manually put in a lot of effort to recover the climb.

Heavy – The bike is on the heavier side, when compared to other similar bikes in the market. More the weight more is going to be the battery consumed. Also, when you are using this bike without the battery, it would require more effort from your end to peddle this bike.

Advantages Over Competition

Though there are many bikes in the market, this stealth bomber is a better choice due to the following reasons:

Low Shipping Cost – As the bicycle is not assembled, the shipping package size and cost will be less. This helps in bringing down the overall stealth bomber price and makes it pocket friendly.

Speed Limit – The speed of the bike can be limited according to your requirements. Different states have different speed laws and you can tune your bike accordingly, to avoid over speeding.

High Torque – With a torque of 155 NM, this bike has one of the highest torques among its counterparts.

Battery Life – After a full charge, the bike can be used for a good 60 miles. This makes it ideal to be used on small trips where you can use the motor on both up and down journeys. Quick errands can be made quicker with this electric bike.

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Seat – The seat is big and ergonomically designed to offer comfort to the riders. Whether you are a big or a small rider, the seat will ensure you are comfortable throughout the ride. This makes the bike a comfortable ride even for long distances.

LCD Display –

This bike has state of the art features. The LCD display enables you to keep an eye on all the parameters even in the dark.

Size – The bike is big and has a better pull than other such bikes, when on battery. The suspension is all built to take heavy riders. If you are on the bigger side, be it height wise or weight wise, this bike can offer you a comfortable ride.

Easy Climb – Armed with a high torque and powerful motor, this bike can climb any terrain. Steep slopes do not deter this bike and one can any hill easily with this bike. While other bikes in the market struggle on slopes, this one can scale is with ease and little effort from you.

Brakes – The disk brakes are very effective and apt for this strong motor. It ensures the bike stops when intended, thus aiding a safe ride for the biker.


The stealth bomber is one of the best electric bikes available in the market. With a good speed and ergonomic designing, this cheap stealth bomber bike is a must buy. If you ever spot a stealth bomber bike discount, be sure to grab the deal as you are sure to enjoy riding this bike, both on battery or manually.

Electronic bikes are becoming the trend in today’s health and environment conscious world. Why ruin the environment with unnecessary pollution just because you want to move around more? But there is no need for you to walk or ride the distance and tire yourself out. The battery operated stealth bomber will help both your health and the environment.

Charge it up and enjoy hi speed bicycle rides. Now you don’t have to worry about spending too much time or energy on cycling the distance.

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