Electric Bike Conversion Kit | Front Wheel 48V 1000W – Review 2020

Electric bikes, cars, and electricity based automobile are becoming popular as they are very eco-friendly.

If you are a bike enthusiast, if you are looking to buy an electric bike, think again. 

Wouldn’t it be fun to build one yourself?

  • You need not do that from scratch. You could convert your existing bike into an electric bike quite easily. And the best part is that you do not have to search for reliable dealers and hunt for parts. There are ready kits available in the market to aid your bike conversion process.
  • All you have to do is to narrow down on what type of outcome you expect. Decide on the specifications.
  • Then choose the electric bike conversion kit which matches your requirement. Check out the instructions and then you are good to go. If it is the first time you are going to try out a bike conversion it would be better to invest in a cheap electric bike conversion kit.

So give an instant makeover to even the oldest and the dullest looking bike with an e-bike conversion kit. Let us see a little about AW 26″x1.75″ Front Wheel 48V 1000W 470RPM Electric Bicycle Hub Motor Speed Control Conversion Kit PAS System which is a great e-bike conversion kit to buy for the beginners. 

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The best features of this electric bike conversion kit:

  • PAS- Pedal Assistance System:

With electric bikes, you get to choose between throttle system and pedal assist system. Throttle system is similar to what you find in normal motorbikes where the acceleration control is by twisting or pushing a button. These are just different methods of controlling the speed of the bike. Pedal assist system has been found to be a better choice in many ways.

  • Silent motor:

The hub motor is gearless and brushless. This means that you have a quiet bike. One thing that people don’t like about electric bikes is that it is pretty noisy due to the motor. But in this kit, you get a very silent motor. So you will not have to worry about disturbing your neighbors every time you ride your bike.

  • The controller comes with two modes:

The motor included has two control modes and this means that your electric bike will also enjoy a longer life.

  • Efficiency:

The efficiency of the included motor in the kit is pretty good. The efficiency of the motor for the load rating is more than 80%.

  • Complete tire package:

You also get a complete tire and the wheel. So you do not have to buy a frame and then a tire separately.

  • No gear and no chain:

There are no gears or chains in the kit. Gear and chain operations mostly have the risk to break down. But in this kit that risk is avoided. So you would also not face any friction or breakdown.

  • The brake system is fast:

Soon after you apply the brakes, the system turns the motor off. This increases your safety. This is also helpful in conserving energy.

What all do you get in the kit?

This is a complete conversion kit with the motor, controller, and the tire package as well. So you don’t need any extra accessories to complete your bike conversion.

  • The hub motor in the package is a 1000W motor. Its voltage rating is 48V.
  • The front wheel which comes in the kit measures 26” x 1.75”
  • Electric controller- it comes with twin mode controls
  • Brake pullers- 2 nos.
  • Thumb throttle
  • PAS system for the speed control of your electric bike
  • The console for speed control
  • Elastic rope
  • A carrying bag for the battery
  • A battery charger for Lead Acid battery
  • Back rack

This kit is perfect for the beginners. It is easy to use on your bike. And as you can see, it includes everything you might need for the basic conversion of a bike.

What you might not like in this e-bike conversion kit:

  • Top speed:

Some users feel that it is difficult to reach a reasonable speed with the electric bike made with this kit.

  • Battery is not included:

The kit is a complete package but the only thing missing is a battery. You can use any battery with rating 48V and capacity of at least 17Ah. It can be Lithium, lead-acid or Ni-Mh battery. You get a battery charger, though. The included battery charger works for a lead-acid battery. 

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How good is this conversion kit in comparison with its competitors?

There are many options for you to choose from if you are looking for a cheap electric bike conversion kit. You will also get many with a good discount. If a conversion kit is available at a cheap rate and it has only some of the components, then again it is not a good deal. You will have to buy remaining parts from other dealers. So this will add to the cost.

You need to remember that reliability and durability of your electric bike are very important. If you get an e-bike conversion kit at a good discount but if it fails in few days, again it is a waste of your money. So look for a reliable one with good reviews from previous users. This electric bike conversion kit we are looking at has some of the best customer reviews. It includes everything except the battery. So it is a good value for money deal.

  • Motor rating:

The motor has a rating of 1000W which is very impressive. Many starter level kits come with just over a 250W motor. And the rpm rating of the motor is also good at 470. This means that you will also get a good torque.

  • The tire package:

Some kits come only with the frame or the wheel. So you will have to buy a suitable tire separately. But this kit saves your time and comes with a complete tire and frame package.

  • PAS is good:

In some countries, hand throttle system for electric bikes is banned. In those regions, this kit is useful. The pedal assist system is very reliable. So you get the experience of an electric bike that also offers the option to pedal when you want.

  • Chainless motor:

As there are no gears or chains, this motor will perform well in varied conditions. So you would not be caught with a broken down bike in the middle of the street.

The final verdict about this electric bike conversion kit:

Though some users might feel that the kit is priced a little high, it is a great value for money. As it includes all the components, you don’t have to hunt for suitable parts that would match your electric bike system. Also, a 1000W motor is quite powerful so you would not face a need to upgrade your bike anytime soon.

Though the motor is a powerful one, it is also surprisingly silent. So it is great for a quiet neighborhood. The charger included makes charging easy. The assembly and the wiring are also simple. There are no specific detailed instructions included for wiring. But it is straightforward and easy to execute. So get a suitable rechargeable battery system for the bike and your bike will be ready in no time.

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