Electric Bike Conversion Kit with Battery – 2020 Review

Being healthy is a choice.

With our fast paced life, we should try and make the small changes that will help us live a long and healthy life.

Apart from our diet, our fitness is the second most important factor. Whether you live an active life or a sedentary one, the effects are bound to show sooner than later.

The small changes we can make are not only in our diet but also in our lifestyle. Choosing to taking the stairs instead the lift or choosing to walk short distances than using a car are some of them. Our choice of daily commute can also help us get healthy.

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Riding a bike to college or work is a great option. Let us look at some of the benefits of riding a bike.

Electric Bike Conversion Kit with Battery – Advantages of riding a bike: 

  • Fitness:

You remain fit and healthy. It is healthy for your heart and immune system.

  • Faster mode of transport:

You can commute faster. You will not get stuck in traffic and you will reach your home and office on time.

  • Economical:

You can save money on gas as well as bus fares if you decide to use riding as a choice to commute.

  • Environment friendly:

It is a great way to do your bit for the world by reducing car emissions. It is good for the environment and for the world.

With so many kinds of bikes available and with such a wide range of prices, it could be a tough decision to make. A great idea to save some more money would be to convert your old bike to an electric one.

Here is a review of the product that will help you make the most of your old bike: Electric Bike Kit / Electric Tricycle Kit from Clean Republic Hill Topper.

It is the best electric bike conversion kit with battery and let’s take a look at some of its best features.

Electric Bike Conversion Kit with Battery – Best features: 

  • What does it include:

This Electric Bike Kit from Clean Republic Hill Topper includes the battery, charger, motorized front wheel, tire and cableset.

  • Easy to use:

It is simple to use and you can convert your regular bike into an electric bike within 5 minutes.

  • Motor:

It uses a 24V battery and a 250-watt geared front hub motor.

  • Lightweight:

The weight of this kit is around 8 lbs.

  • Battery options:

This electric bike conversion kit with battery comes in 3 options for the battery: 8 mile, 12 mile and 20 mile.

  • Wheel options:

It comes in 3 wheel sizes: 24 inches, 26 inches and 700c.

  • Durable:

It is extremely sturdy and it is also weatherproof.

  • Warranty:

This product is manufactured in the US and it comes with a 2-year extensive warranty.

Negative points: 

  • Noise:

Some users may find that this Electric Bike Kit from Clean Republic Hill Topper may be a little noisy due to its geared hub motor. It is not too much of a bother but you may choose a direct drive motor kit if the sound is going to be a source of bother for you.

  • No LCD or lights:

There are no integrated lights. Also there is no display, which shows you speed, distance or remaining power.

  • No pedal assist or throttle option:

There is no pedal assist or throttle option. There is an on/off button, which can be mounted with Velcro.

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Advantages over competition: 

  1. Economical:

This is an affordable and economical electric bike conversion kit with battery available today. With the features it has, it a great product for people who want to add electric assist to their bike.

  1. Simple:

Unlike other kits, which may be time consuming to assemble, this kit can be assembled within 5 minutes. You can convert any regular bike into an electric bike within minutes.

Also since it is easy to install, you can also easily remove it if you decide to use it only for certain rides.

It also has an on/off button. This button is a great way to add the assist only if you require it. The power cannot be modulated but when the power is added, it is done smoothly. The on/off button can be easily positioned with drop bars or bar ends.

  1. Lightweight:

It is the lightest kit available in the market today with a weight of just about 8 pounds. It is minimalistic and it serves the purpose very well. The hub motor also offers good torque.

  1. Different battery options:

It comes with 3 different battery options: 8 mile, 12 mile and 20 mile. This you can choose the best one to suit your needs and your budget.

  1. Warranty:

Unlike some other kits, this one comes with a 2-year extensive warranty.

Our Review:

Converting your old bike into an electric bike is a great option to reinvent it. Not only is it economical, it can also be the start to a healthy life.

This Electric Bike Kit from Clean Republic Hill Topper not only converts your bike but it can also convert your tricycle into an electric bike. Its simplicity and ease of use should not fool you. It is very durable and sturdy. It is weatherproof and it offers you protection from rain and mud.

It will be difficult and nearly impossible to find a kit that is lighter than this in the market today. Its wheel and motor both together have a combined weight of just about 8 lbs.

With its 3 battery options and 3 different wheel sizes, you can easily find one that is best suited to your needs and your budget. You can find out the size of the tire that will fit your bike by looking for the number on your bike tire’s sidewall.

The Electric Bike Kit from Clean Republic Hill Topper is the perfect way to add a nice electric assist to your bike when you need it. It does so with the simple push of a button.

  • With its 24V battery and 250-watt motor, it provides sufficient power that will match an adult rider. Adding a motor on the front wheel will not make riding easy but now climbing hills will also be enjoyable. It gives a top speed of 15 to 18 mph depending on the wheel size.
  • Another great aspect is that it rides like a normal bike when you do not use the power assist. You will not experience any drag in this case. You can engage the motor when you like with the help of the simple on/off button.

It comes with a motor on the front wheel. The biggest advantage of an electric bike conversion kit front wheel is its easy installation. It is a good idea to place the battery near the center or the rear end of the bike. This helps to distribute the weight, as it is a front hub motor.


Being a complete value for money ebike conversion kit Amazon shows us why this kit is so popular. Its positive reviews and high ratings on different websites are due to its features and pricing.

This kit is a great entry-level kit and with plenty of options to upgrade, you can use this for a long period of time. It will definitely make riding and climbing easier. It is simple, affordable and lightweight and such a combination is not easy to find. It is also compatible with 95% of the bikes in the US and it is disc brake compatible.

Go ahead and buy this best e bike conversion kit so that now you have no excuse to not ride. The Electric Bike Kit from Clean Republic Hill Topper will make sure that no hill is too steep to climb.

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