E Bike Battery in Stock | 24V 10.4Ah Li-ion (2020)

Electronic bikes are the trend today.

With health conscious individuals came cycling and then came the e-bikes that don’t require you to pedal when the battery is on. These bikes are fit with a motor that are run on lithium batteries.

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When fully charged, these bikes can go anywhere between 30-60 kms on a single charge.

  • Different bikes have different ranges and these ranges are mainly determined by the terrain you ride the bike on and the weight the bike has to pull. Some bikes with powerful motors offer full throttle that is beyond imagination.
  • Riding these e-bikes is just sheer fun and doesn’t cause a dent in your budget either.
  • While different manufacturers are competing by offering a number of features, it all boils to one main factor. The e bike battery. These batteries can be removed when not needed and one can peddle away and use it like a regular bicycle.

Investing in the right battery makes all the difference when you want to get the best out of your e-bike. The Flasche 24V 10.4Ah e-bike battery from Afterpartz is one of the best options to consider.

E Bike Battery in Stock | 24V 10.4Ah Li-ion – Best Features

This cheap e bike battery boasts of the following features that make it the perfect option for your bike.

Cells – This battery is made of lithium ion cells. The cells used are genuine Ultramax Samsung 18650. These cells offer long life as they can hold charge for a number of hours.

Charge Cycle – these lithium ion cells can take more charges than other traditional batteries. You can charge this battery about 2000 times before it starts losing its strength.

Protection – The battery has 6 different technology protections. The battery has cell balancing, over discharge, over current protection, over charge protection, temperature protection and secondary protections. This ensures the battery is protected from all possible harms that can be caused and might hinder the performance of the battery.

Warranty – The manufacturers back up their claim with a 3 year warranty.

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Design – The battery is shaped like a cylinder and looks attractive when fixed on to your bike. It is fully encased and is well protected from other natural elements.

Voltage – The battery has a power of 24V and can deliver a peak current up to 15A. The power supplied depends up on the controller used.

Charger – The battery comes with an AC charger that can deliver an output of 29.4V and requires and input of 100-240V. It has a safety certificate too.

Package – The battery comes as a whole package. The package includes a battery, an AC charger, theft key guards, battery output connecter and the holder.


Though a well thought and engineered battery, it has flaws too.

Plastic Casing – The battery holder is made of metal and plastic. This does not offer durability to the holder, especially if you are going to remove and reattach the battery constantly.

Advantages Over Competition

Here are the reasons why this battery from Afterpartz is a better option than other similar batteries available in the market:

Size – The battery is only 109mm x 350 mm in size. This makes it the right size to be fit onto any bike and used without causing any obstruction.

Full Package – The battery comes complete with a charger and holder. All you have to do is buy this battery and charge it, and then it is good to go. You don’t have to hunt for the right charger or the correct sized holder.

Well Protected – The technology used in this battery ensures it is protected against all possible harms that can be encountered. This ensures a long life for the battery, free of any glitches.

Multiple Charge Cycles – This batter can take charge cycles almost 6 times more than the regular batteries in the market. This makes it one of the long lasting batteries.


No matter what e-bike you have or where you bought the e-bike conversion kit from. The battery used makes all the difference. Apart from the e bike battery price, there are other factors to be considered too.

When you have a good battery that can last long and can take a number of charge cycles, it is a must buy. When you want your e bike battery to last long, you must follow the instructions and use only the recommended chargers. This ensures the battery is charged with the correct current input and does not trickle.

Buy the right battery today and enjoy your e bike to the fullest.


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